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All Georgians need a vibrant and thriving economic community with equal and affordable access to quality health care, expanded education programs from pre- K through high school and the assurance of their safety. I want to be your representative for district 151. The needs of the district are diverse and I will be an available, consistent and responsive servant leader.

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My entire career has been motivated by one thing: service. Not theoretical but direct and hands-on service. I'm deeply honored to be selected to the Inaugural Georgia Nursing Hall of Fame.

Joyce Barlow

Vision and Platform


​I will fight for the expansion of Medicaid as it is essential for the citizens of this state. Georgians need help to combat this pandemic and any other major illness— we should start by fully expanding Medicaid to give health care coverage to uninsured Georgians. I will work to:

  • Fully expand Medicaid to protect rural hospitals, bringing over 56,000 jobs to our state, insure 500,000 uninsured Georgians and support our vulnerable populations. 
  • Fight for women to have the right to decide their own health care and reproductive rights.

Business Development / Expansion and Job Creation

  • I will work with local leaders and organizations to grow our local economy and increase business opportunities in southwest Georgia. 
  • I will collaborate with the officials at all level and leaders in our community to develop a community-based plan that will attract new employers and grow our existing businesses. 

Funding for Quality Schools

  • I will fight diligently to ensure our schools are funded to provide our communities and families with students who not only can achieve their full potential, but can be the leaders of tomorrow 
  • Ensure that tax dollars are being used properly by supporting our students, teachers and parents. Strong schools graduate talented youth who can compete on the local, state, national, and international level.

Broadband Internet

  • I will fight to assure that our southwest Georgia has full access to broadband. Connectivity is a necessity in the 21st century – and it should be expanded to ensure everyone has quality and reliable access, no matter the zip code.
  • I will work to support a thriving economy by bridging the digital divide associated with the lack of access to broadband in our communities.

Affordable Housing

  • I will work with the private and public sector to find solutions to bring quality affordable housing to southwest Georgia to ensure our workforce has a place to call home. ​
  • We cannot expect our families to decide between rent or groceries. Affordable housing must mean there are options for all income levels and in order for us all to live in thriving communities. 
  • I will work to secure joint partnerships with companies, establishing tax credits and nonprofit organizational ventures to provide incentives and creative solutions to building, rehabbing, and providing access for families to find affordable housing. 

Criminal Justice Reform

  • I will fight for criminal justice reform that demonstrates fairness and common sense. We are spending too much on the incarceration of our citizens for minor non-violent offenses and we must focus on those non-violent offenders with diversion and rehabilitation programs. 
  • I want to enable prosecutors and judges to make the best use of their limited resources to focus on career criminals and helping improve the lives of first time offenders so they do not fall into a lifetime cycle of crime.

Public Safety

  • I will work to support community based programs that improve not only our public safety, but also rebuild our communities for the better. We must partner with public safety officials to make every neighborhood a safe place for anyone to call home. 
  • Public safety officers are on the frontlines of our mental health crisis. I will help and support those officers to ensure individuals needing mental health assistance receive the care they need, instead of being put in a jail cell at the taxpayers expense. 
  • We are losing far too many public safety employees to other regions and other careers due to inadequate training and pay. I will work to help local leaders find the means to improve the pay and training of these public servants.

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Joyce Barlow Earns Endorsement From Democracy For America

ALBANY — Democracy for America has endorsed Democrat Joyce Barlow for Georgia House District 151 in her race against Mike Cheokas.


Joyce announced that she has raised $83,995 to date. This impressive total is more than double the Republican incumbent’s fundraising to date. Joyce also demonstrated strong grassroots support with 307 individual contributions, compared to 39 contributions for the incumbent. (7/20/2022 )


Joyce's campaign for HD151 was named to the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee’s (DLCC) list of must-watch races for 2022.

The DLCC selects critical races with strong candidates from across the country to highlight on its Spotlight Races


Albany business owner Joyce Barlow kicks off campaign for House District 151

Georgia House candidate Joyce Barlow had a message for supporters gathered for her Tuesday campaign kickoff: Show up at the polls to…


Joyce Barlow selected for Georgia Nursing Association Hall of Fame!! (January, 2022)

Registered Nurse Joyce Barlow has been elected to the first Georgia Nurses Association’s Nurses Hall of Fame. She is one of 10 nurses from Georgia who were chosen for the honor of being inducted in the inaugural Hall of Name.

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Checks can be made out to “Committee to Elect Joyce Barlow 2022” and mailed to P.O. BOX 70233 Albany, Georgia 31708

Email Campaign@joycebarlow.com to host an event or get event details. All events follow CDC COVID protocols.

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